From the opening kickoff to the final second, no other game combines the physicality of a great boxing match with the grace and coordination of the best team sports.  11 men on both sides of the ball, each one having to work together.

Each team bringing everything they have to the game. On any given Sunday, they say, anything is possible. High school football – the stadium filled to the brim.  College ball – even bigger crowds, the drums and trumpets,the mind-boggling athleticism of quarterbacks, running backs,  linebackers and  the secondary.  Then you take the best, the very best of the BEST, into the NFL. That’s one of the reasons why people LOVE professionalfootball, and will gladly watch Monday Night Football even when their favorite team is not on.  Because it’s one more chance to see the very best go up against one another.

You can hate the Green Bay Packers but absolutely love the passion and heart and mind-blowing effort Brett Favre brings to game, slipping out of tackles, slipping to his knees as he throws the winning touchdown. We’re talking Football For America!